R: functions

Defining a function in R, looks like

 mynewsumfunction <- function(x,y = 34){
  x + y

Parameters can have a default value.
If parameters are strings  you can use function paste

paste(c("The", "quick", "brown", "fox"))
[1] "The"  "quick" "brown" "fox"

Ellipsis allows to declare a variable number of parameters in a function.

> myhist <- function(x, border="blue", ...){
+ 	hist(x, border=border, ...)
+ }
> set.seed(5)
> myhist(rnorm(1000), breaks=30)
> set.seed(5)
> myhist(rnorm(1000))  

Function prototypes can be checked with args function:

function (x, ...)

Every function and symbol has to be defined in an environment:

  • global
  • packages loaded
  • package base
search (myfunction)

Functions can be defined within other functions.


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